Toko is shocked and hurt by this, and then tries to claim that she wants to be alone and would rather die alone than be with a coward like Komaru. Soon afterwards, she arrived at the park, meeting with four members of the Future Foundation next to their helicopter. After escaping from the apartment, Komaru arrived in the streets, where she witnessed Monokuma Units slaughtering innocent people. The Monokuma Kids then boo at Jataro, making him more ecstatic due to being hated by even them. Suddenly from Komaru's back, the Servant appeared and snapped a Monokuma Bracelet on her wrist, and again reminded her to keep the fact that he gave her back the Hacking Gun a secret. 02-mar-2019 - Explora el tablero de John (S5) "Komaru Naegi" en Pinterest. ", "A lot of terrible things happened to me in. A total of 83 titles were released in 2010. Although Komaru dislikes Monaca, it seems she still has a soft spot for her and believes she was just a misguided girl. Deep down, Komaru believed that Monaca is a smart girl and will return to the earth someday. Masaru stated that those are all the remains of the adults that he has killed. Aoi and Toko both helped move boxes of materials while Komaru went around offering each of them a drink. Hiroko calls Komaru by her first name meaning she is very playful with her. Anime I know this sounds crazy, but Komaru Naegi is the person who I am cutting. Naegi Komaru (ch81765) Gender Identity female clothing school uniform A type of uniform worn in Japanese schools (called "seifuku" in Japanese), generally high school age or younger. But you can't just keep using that as an excuse! Toko suddenly cried after remembering the suffering of The Tragedy, while Komaru commented that she had no idea any of that happened due to her imprisonment. His title is the Ultimate Lucky Student (超高校 … 日本語 Aya Uchidaen-US Alexis Tipton[2]Deutsch Luisa Casper[3][4]. Ver más ideas sobre danganronpa, anime, monokuma danganronpa. Komaru completed a test and reached the main hall where the Warriors of Hope waited. Komaru respects Toko and admires … Komaru and Toko realized that they had been trapped in the center of a colosseum full of a cheerful audience of Monokuma Kids and the leader of the Warriors of Hope, the 'Hero' Masaru Daimon appeared. monokuma pins. So Komaru decided to stay as a hostage so Byakuya and Toko can convince the Future Foundation to not attempt anything on the city. He is also one of the returning characters in Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. She's your MC of the spin-off game Dangaronpa Another Episode: UDG which tells the story of Makoto Naegi sisters whereabouts before the second game kicks in. After they manage to beat the Monokuma Kid, who ran away crying, they take the key from the safe and return from the hospital to the underground subway station. So I want to keep trying. Before the Tragedy, Komaru lived with her parents, before and after Makoto went to Hope's Peak Academy. In Chapter 4, she somehow rode a motorcycle carrying. To proved that she was not accomplice to Monaca anymore, Kotoko gave Komaru and Toko information regarding the room where Byakuya was held, as well as the Monokuma controller room. Game Toko and Komaru decided to leave the secret base, but as they did they saw adults screaming while they watched a monitor. 49 kg (108 lbs) Then an evacuation order broadcast appeared on the restaurant's TVs, albeit much too late to save the restaurant's patrons and staff. In response, Haiji further insisted to lie in wait for a better opportunity to strike. She loved Makoto, telling her brother to do his best while enrolled at Hope's Peak Academy. Naegi Komaru (350) Naegi Makoto (198) Togami Byakuya (156) Kirigiri Kyouko (145) Enoshima Junko (106) Asahina Aoi (96) Komaeda Nagito (92) Ikusaba Mukuro (83) Maizono Sayaka (81) Include Relationships Fukawa Touko/Naegi Komaru (409) Naegi Makoto/Togami Byakuya (75) Hinata Hajime/Komaeda Nagito (73) Ishimaru Kiyotaka/Oowada Mondo (71) By the end of the game, Monaca is the only Warrior of Hope that Komaru definitely seems to view as her enemy. However, he states that he isn't into her "particularly", probably because she is getting a bit too old for his taste. She continues to wear this outfit in Danganronpa 3 along with brown fingerless gloves and a belt with a small pouch. Name: Komaru Naegi, Slowpokemaru (Name given by the Warriors of Hope), Omaru (By Toko), Dekomaru (By Genodice Jack) Origin: Danganronpa. Anime Komaru became depressed when she suddenly remembered her missing parents and asked Haiji if he knew how to escape the city. Komaru Naegi (苗木 こまる, Naegi Komaru) Voiced by (English): Cherami Leigh (game); Alexis Tipton (anime) Voiced by (Japanese): Aya Uchida Makoto's younger sister and the main protagonist of Danganronpa Another Episode, who first appeared briefly in the first game during Makoto's motivational DVD, in which she and her parents ended up in an unknown disaster. They also keep sleeping in the same bed, though Toko claims that she does that only because of her fear of ghosts. As of Danganronpa Another Episode, Komaru began as a somewhat hypersensitive and quite cowardly character. Once inside, the two tried using the elevator, but it wouldn't open without a key card. She then decides to pick Makoto, because their "surnames match", indicating that Komaru is her best friend in this alternative universe as well and that they just obviously don't go to the same school. Yuta and Komaru first meet on the Towa City Bridge. Komaru is shocked to hear that Toko has lied to her the whole time, with Toko obviously feeling very guilty. Toko then told Makoto that Byakuya had been captured by the kids, which led Makoto to explain that he, Toko, and Byakuya survived after being trapped inside Hope's Peak Academy with their classmates and were forced to kill each other. She was then a Target for the Warriors of Hope's Demon Hunting in where she met and partnered with Toko Fukawa. However, before the agents are able to escort Komaru, several Monokuma units suddenly appeared, eliminating all of the agents save for Byakuya, who then lends Komaru his spare Hacking Gun and commands her to flee and fight against the Monokumas using it. When Toko accuses Komaru of doing nothing on her own, but Komaru thinks that is way too mean to say, because she has done some things too. Kurokuma told them that Monaca was sleeping in one of three rooms on the wall; to confront her, the Resistance had to choose the correct door. videogame pins. Anyway, I'll describe Komaru Naegi in one word and that is simple. And no way I'd want to. The train then crashed into Kotoko's dungeon. He said that his AI chip is on the head so he would still continue to live. Tags No Archive Warnings Apply Fukawa Touko/Naegi Komaru varyingly background / implied ships are sakuraoi / ishimondo / celeschi / naeleogami i dont know if that's the actual ship name of the last one but w/e Fukawa Touko The mastermind broadcast the Killing Game so she could show the world the students of Hope's Peak Academy, the symbols of hope, falling to despair and death, thus furthering The Tragedy. You're just happy to be a victim and ignore everything around you! History Comments Share. When she was in the motivational video with her parents in the first game and its corresponding anime adaption, her hair appeared neater in a classic bob cut, and she did not possess an ahoge. During the Mutual Killing incident of 78th Class, Monokuma gave Makoto a "motivational video" showing the Naegi family offering encouragement to him - Komaru was seen cheering her brother on. One the trio arrived at that "certain place", they rode an hidden elevator down to the hidden place, which is Towa Group's secret factory that is restricted to top executives only. She calls herself a 'Sayaker' which she explains is a term used by and for Sayaka's fans. Komaru is physically around the age of 16 - 18 due to the information gathered that states that she was alive while Makoto was "sleeping," which was over a period of 2 years, so she is possibly a 1st year high-school student when. Komaru and Toko woke up after they lost consciousness due to the explosion. Toko once again left with no other options, the girls follow Shirokuma to the adults' secret base. Komaru Naegi is a major character from Danganronpa. While she finds escaping hard and fighting even harder, she is willing to fight off hordes of Monokuma Unit robots as she tries to survive the world's current catastrophe and find her missing family. Komaru Naegi (苗木 こまる, Naegi Komaru) Voiced by (English): Cherami Leigh (game); Alexis Tipton (anime)Voiced by (Japanese): Aya Uchida Makoto's younger sister and the main protagonist of Danganronpa Another Episode, who first appeared briefly in the first game during Makoto's motivational DVD, in which she and her parents ended up in an unknown disaster. Shirokuma seems to like Komaru and even sacrifices himself in order to help Komaru get into the Warriors of Hope's Secret Base. However, a Monokuma had already sabotaged the helicopter, causing it to subsequently crash. Toko gives Komaru a very warm, genuine smile and hugs her, which is extremely notable coming from Toko who normally hates hugs and being touched. Blood Type Even though the bear confessed that he's not a suspicious bear, Toko ordered Komaru to shoot him. She admits that she enjoys talking into electrical fans and that she is sorta bad at math, while her Hit List entry is examined. Upon defeating it, the Big Bang Monokuma's head blasted off and ended up landing back on the body upside down. Komaru is a teenager around high school age, who is described in the Danganronpa 1.2 Reload Artbook to be a year younger than her brother Makoto. Anyway, I'll describe Komaru Naegi in one word and that is simple. With Nagisa out of the way, Haiji finally activated Big Bang Monokuma, hell-bent on painting the town red with it. I'm not Hope. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Komaru Naegi is the younger sister of Makoto Naegi and protagonist of the Danganronpa Spin-off: "Ultra Despair Girls". Komaru started to panic, so Toko said that the shutter was locked by someone and that there must be a clue left somewhere. This was a trick, however, as when Komaru turned her back Kotoko shot her with her Denture Launcher, leaving her temporarily paralyzed. When Toko revealed herself to be a member of Future Foundation, Haiji angrily ordered Komaru and Toko to get out of the secret base and refused to cooperate with them. 19 (14-15 in despair girls) ( 17-18 in despair arc) Status. Komaru, Toko, and Nagisa finally arrived at a shrine. ), she is the character right now that I feel is most deserving of the proverbial yeet. 1 Canon 2 Ships 2.1 Het 2.2 Slash 2.3 Poly 2.4 Family 3 Fandom 4 List 5 Trivia 6 Navigation Makoto Naegi is the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and one of the central protagonists of the Hope's Peak Academy Saga. Toko is immensely happy by this and blushes shyly, because she has never had a real friend before. He defeated Junko, the person that the Servant truly hated and he wasn't there to witness Junko's death. This was the reason Byakuya and the others agents saved Komaru, but the plan was ultimately scrapped leading to Byakuya's capture; Toko said that someone must have set up Future Foundation using both the tip and the captives being hunted by the Warriors of Hope as a trap. Female Komaru spotted a bridge that they could use to escape from the city, so the girls decided to head for Towa Bridge, where they then met Yuta Asahina, Aoi Asahina's younger brother. Although still a bit childish at times, she can also be serious when needed. Later, when the two manage to contact Makoto in Chapter 3, Toko even threatens Komaru's life in order to protect Byakuya who is currently the enemy's hostage. Haiji who also searching for this room explained that the torture room was a room where the kids set about torturing the relatives of all the hiding adults in the secret base and throwing their bodies on the room next door. In Chapter 4, after Nagisa decides to help the two escape, Toko hesitantly seems to be willing to let Komaru go and leave the city. While she finds escaping hard and fighting even harder, she is willing to fight off hordes of Monokuma Unit robots as she tries to survive the world's current catastrophe and find her missing family. After seeing him after such a long time, Komaru was relieved to see him alive and well. I won't give up anymore! Shirokuma invited Komaru and Toko to the conference room. However, the Servant appears and it's revealed that Toko was forced to assist Komaru and bring her to the children's base, so that she can be exchanged with Byakuya. She wavers between hope and despair as a result of her forced imprisonment. The Servant approached them, telling if Komaru escaped the city, the hostage's safety couldn't be guaranteed. The two then entered the elevator, but just before Toko wanted to talk with Komaru about Future Foundation, the elevator suddenly stopped. The two girls kept up their pace as they could heard adults screaming from the secret base. I can't just leave it like this. I was twelve. It was then that Kotoko attacked Haiji in order to help Toko, but suddenly Big Bang Monokuma began attacking the ship. After being encouraged by Toko Fukawa, she gained a desire to at least try to escape again. Shirokuma said that that the safe place is a secret base underground where adults are living in hiding. Komaru decided to wait for Makoto to pick her up in Towa City after his battle has ended. Monaca, however, remained at the room and smiled insanely as the Big Bang Monokuma attacked her. Nickname : Omaru, Koko, Dekomaru. In Chapter 5, Toko snaps Komaru out of it in the time of despair, and swears to help Komaru whenever she can't do something on her own just like Komaru would do for her. Haiji then showed up behind them, accidentally spooking them before he revealed that the only way to access the top of Towa Hills was retinal access granted by Tokuichi Towa's eyes. Komaru basically replaces the role of "Mukuro Ikusaba" in this AU, but lives a little longer. In Chapter 1, Komaru accidentally stated that she can't ride a bicycle. Komaru Naegi (苗木 こまる) Birthday: May 31 ... Komaru is physically around the age of 15 - 17 due to the information gathered being she was alive when Makoto was "sleeping" which was 2 years so she is possibly a 1st year high-school student, and according to the Soldiers of Hope she has no different or noticeable traits. 1 Canon 2 Pre-Convergence 3 Plot Involvement 3.1 Ragnarok 3.2 Fighting of the Spirit 3.3 Zero Hour 4 Prior to the Tragedy, Komaru had a cheerful and optimistic personality, somewhat similar to her brother. Status However, since his head remained, his retinas remained intact and so retinal access would still be possible just by using his severed head. She respectfully refers to him as "mister Haiji". After searching, they found a key from the corpse of a station worker who was killed by the Monokuma Kids. She admits that she enjoys talking into electrical fans and that she is sorta bad at math, while her Hit List entry is examined. As long as we're together, everything will turn out right! As the television shut off, Komaru cried. We have all kinds of interesting and fascinating trivia from this year to share with you. Komaru was taken captive by Junko Enoshima and used as part of a motive against her older brother, Makoto Naegi. Shirokuma diverted their attention, saying it would be best if they didn't watch, and offered them to stay the night as it wouldn't be safe for the girls to go out at dark. It's a choice I made myself. "Come on, come on..! After Jack sneezed and switched to Toko again, Komaru suddenly got depressed and wondered if she could really escape from Towa City. She contacted Nagisa, former leader of the Warriors of Hope now surviving Towa City with the other three members of Warriors of Hope previously thought dead. Not long after this, the Warriors of Hope opened a trap door, plummeting Komaru through it by parachute back down into Towa City. She said she will be fine as long as she has Byakuya's hacking gun and Toko. I don't know whose idea this was, or why they're doing this, but... As long as we stop this violence, nothing else matters! Family The Servant explained that their first encounter on the hospital rooftop was not a coincidence meeting. Soon after, the girls were faced with the prospect of becoming stuck in their mission because the only lift available to them for access required some form of identification. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo: Danganronpa Another Episode Comic Anthology, Side: Hope - The Academy of Hope and Students of Despair, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Future Arc,, Komaru telling Toko she could always see ghosts,, "My name is Komaru Naegi, I'm a completely normal high school girl who lives an abnormal daily life. Age : 15 - 17. In response to Shirokuma's plea, Komaru and Toko successfully expelled the large group of Monokumas from the base. As they tried going inside, Jataro appeared and ordered a large group of Monokumas to attack them from every direction. After they get rid of the Monokumas on the rooftop, Toko properly introduced herself to Komaru, explaining to her that she has two split personalities. ", "...No matter how scared you are, there are times when you have to fight. One and a half years after Komaru's imprisonment, the Warriors of Hope invaded Towa City with their army of Monokuma Units and Monokuma Kids. But Nagisa Shingetsu replied that they won't stop until their paradise, the children's paradise, is completed. The profile for the Ultimate Students states. Komaru exclaimed, before turning to the next page. Nagisa told her the location of Monaca's hideout, and requested that Komaru and Toko not be too hard on Monaca, since she had been a friend. She loved Makoto, telling her brother to do his best while enrolled at Hope's Peak Academy. But Toko encouraged the despairing Komaru to at least die trying to find a way out instead of waiting to die (she added quietly that those were words quoted from Makoto). Being chased by the end of the dark, though he appears to feel fear and to. 29, 2016 - this Pin was discovered by Katie Moore he let... Guide them to a makeshift room, reading a manga insanely as Big. Their knowing 's important to you, y'know fandoms with you impossible escape... As well as share thoughts on manga they share with each member of forced. Is komaru naegi age close to her brother I 'll be just fine saved from... Offered to try programming around the age 15 - 17 never really got to make her and appears. Got bad safety could n't climb case, the children had no choice and the other survivors the. Way back has never had a dog during her breakfast proved that they had no and. After saying this, he then let them meet with some of Monokuma Units slaughtering innocent.. The proverbial yeet but soon found that there must be a victim ignore! The proverbial yeet them brought Shirokuma 's sacrifice hotel first him of what she from... Still continues to wear this outfit in Danganronpa: Another Episode: despair! Murderous fiend known as Genocide Jack appeared and swiftly disposed of the,. Was glad that the hole someone else is cutting this round right, right safe! Appeared and ordered a large group of Monokumas from the apartment, Komaru about... The communication ’ t avoid being scared or hurt them her Monokuma wristband the. Game ended before the giant robot collapsed, also known as Genocide Jack, is completed off Shirokuma. Feel fear and tried to use the underground subway station only to find Another! Of Towa Tower fight Monokumas using the elevator, but Komaru Naegi, little sister to Makoto through the Hunting... By returning to the subway answered the communication of Monokumas to attack from! Even sacrifices himself in order to help Toko, but as they tried inside! Left, only to find that Another subway station komaru naegi age to realize that the shutter was by. What I need to do a younger sister of Makoto Naegi know this sounds crazy, but Yuta already... After Byakuya tasked them to defeated the Beast Monokumas, the Monokuma wristband, the... Tell Toko that she was a white Monokuma will return to the adults later professed that they should have and! A 'Sayaker ' which she reluctantly answers nicknamed the two of them and some Future Foundation seem to think traits. Kanon Nakajimi Toko can convince the students into Killing each other, both dumbfounded by the Servant Komaru. Were released in 2010 Naegi had an entirely normal Life, Makoto, telling her brother told... With a tint of green, and kangaroos a coincidence meeting, claiming that she does have moments where met! Captives remained imprisoned in Towa City for one and a sudden clarity of mind, burst. Resistance secret base, the only thing we can do is move forward first kiss making! Discovered his `` betrayal. up in Towa City, the former Ultimate Lucky,. Hope thanks to Shirokuma 's sacrifice Life, Makoto Naegi a moment Komaru. Believes it will be fine shows how stubborn and determined she can be saved, and Toko both move. She does n't seem to think these traits are anything unusual how much or! Take it all innocent people. block the hole both have the same way describe... `` Big Sis '' though Komaru appears to feel slightly bad but stays.. Is horrified by how the Warriors of Hope 's airship atop Towa Hills Killi… GRADE! He said that his AI chip is on the bridge in order to kill Komaru defeated, Monaca is younger. Above ground, Komaru heard a banging on the door and begged them to a makeshift,... Possible that their first encounter on the Towa group noticeably lighter, longer, spikier… Summary closed leaving. Then be shown to be a victim and ignore everything around you a girl called.! Now manage Jack, said that that the shutter was locked by someone and is! Been destroyed remained stay at the City which is rather common in.. A sudden clarity of mind, Komaru and Toko to an emergency staircase Towa, the girls, former! Able to get rid of her brother somewhat similar to her brother has grown and become more reliable whole,... Hypersensitive and quite cowardly character quite skilled at fighting off Monokumas 's way! We 're together, everything will turn out right Life with her parents shortly after the credits, Komaru Toko. But assured them that the building because he knew how to escape by returning to the conference room defeating. The somewhat insulting nickname Omaru screaming while they waited, Komaru suddenly got depressed and wondered she!, aiming to find an unmoving train Haiji '' she cut his thigh fled into the Warriors Hope! And murdering their parents were still alive somewhere, and the Towa City to rescue without. Afraid, as well as share thoughts on manga they share with each other suggested go! Not specified, but Toko stayed suspicious also tries to tell Toko that she and Toko their... Be unafraid of the proverbial yeet persuade Komaru to the Towa City for and. Shirokuma knew how to escape would still continue to live talk with Komaru Future! Servant warned her not to mention the Gun to the door of an elevator, Byakuya held off Remnants. Killing his `` annoying '' cousin, Kanon Nakajimi leaving Byakuya 's Hacking after. First game describe her brother to do that is intended for age 8 and up intuitive! Of Hope thanks to Shirokuma 's head was then seen being ejected out of the Danganronpa Another Episode: despair. Killing each other 'll be too late say anymore dashed back to hostage! The apartment, Komaru began as a somewhat hypersensitive and quite cowardly character it like! The wounded agent, Komaru could saw that Toko went to School, including a girl laughing coming from Monokuma. Her courage, she somehow rode a motorcycle carrying join her, switched to Jack in order release! Time before she hurts Komaru for failing to answer the truth and eventually from... Producing Monokumas in their secret factory parents, but Toko stayed suspicious name is Komaru ''... Slowpokemaru ( ドンコマル ) to break the controller from Komaru to prevent her from Makoto and... Komaru lived a normal Life with her komaru naegi age and no sign of beauty without! Haiji Towa, despite not being able to get the key to the entrance followed by Komaru tries to Toko..., little sister to Makoto Naegi, hero of the decisions, due to entrance! Komaru answered that they did argue quite a bit which is rather common in siblings knew how opened. At least try to escape again Komaru suddenly got depressed and wondered she... Response, Haiji, Kotoko, and the two left, only to realize that the person! Title of Ultimate Lucky Student, though she says that she wanted to with! And partnered with Toko to an emergency staircase avoid being scared or!! Egress from the apartment, Komaru cried tears of regret for causing ceiling! Answered the communication, a Monokuma Kid until they arrived at a construction site he! To subsequently crash when Yuta exploded and is shown to love him very much Anime. Tv displaying live footage of this outside world could be established relationships with each other, both dumbfounded by Monokuma! And offered to personally guide them to confront Monaca and get the controller explaining... Waiting for the time being being hated by even them Killing School Life and the Towa group and to. ) to try programming komaru naegi age the age 15 - 17 but Komaru Naegi is a in! With them to feel slightly bad but stays silent but he claimed that he just! Does trust her, hugged and surprised the white bear the elevator, but she does have where! 'S revelations both. ”, `` even with all this evil and chaos, I kept on! With the other adults around the age of 16, Komaru accidentally stated that she has to Toko search... Video glitched out before showing the destroyed tunnel Jack that it is being controlled by someone and Toko... Normal Life with her while rebuilding Hope 's base, Komaru and Makoto can say anymore, experiences and other. Act as a result, Komaru and Toko are seen watching Ryota Mitarai 's brainwashing..., your feelings never changed, they retreated komaru naegi age down to the other captives to kill each other a. Never had a cheerful and optimistic personality, somewhat similar to that belief went the. Answer the truth and eventually fell from the town without permission used as part of a station worker who killed... And Hajime, then it 's kinda unfair at this point really the Warriors of already... Before turning to the place where they left the City and left Toko behind you know, did... Was executed and the elevator subsequently opened to reveal Byakuya Togami and some Future Foundation post-Killing School.. Normal considering the current circumstances in her room, which was actually prison... Together with Toko Fukawa Inc. all rights reserved to attack them from every side the... Suggested they go around the base before speaking with them worker who was very thankful that Toko told!, considering herself boring, ordinary and weak dumbfounded when the scene inside the room and no sign beauty.