Part 1: How to View a Private Instagram Account. Last weekend my Instagram account was hacked, hijacked, and put up for sale. Also, Twitter accounts of Apple, Uber, Square’s CashApp, and Coinbase were also hacked with the intent to post similar messages which contained a bitcoin wallet address that directed to the hackers. Precautions you need to … It is safe and reliable and can be done without the user knowing. 3 minutes after putting my credentials my instagram account was hacked and so was my Apple ID account. The best online tool to hack instagram account using external hashes, It also crack insta passwords. We always hear about someone’s social media acount getting hacked, but we hardly ever think it will happen to us. I fell victim to a phishing scam. A great way to protect your kids online. I always thought mine was secure and I’d be able to spot any attempt right away. Other verified accounts that were also hacked included Uber, Square’s CashApp, and Coinbase and personalities like Mike Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, and Kim Kardashian. Spyic is the most reliable way to view a private Instagram account. Option #2: Use Instagram’s Old Account Recovery System If you don’t have access to the new feature yet, you can still use Instagram’s old process for recovering hacked accounts: Step #1: Check Your Email Account for a Message From Instagram As per reports, the bitcoin wallet has amassed over $100,000 within the last few hours after hackers spammed the verified accounts. Similarly, "how to hack Instagram" was searched 66,960 times by Americans, which shows that the Facebook-owned app is more likely to get hacked, as users are showing their interest in this subject. All you need to do is navigate through our website, fill in a form, and that is it. Spyic is a well-known, top-rated phone spy app. THIS IS A HACK, do not download Don't use this app, i downloaded it and it asked me for my IG credentials (account and password), i wasn't able to log into the app due to an "error". How to Hack Instagram With a Spy App. After it’s installed, it allows you to remotely view someone’s Instagram account. After the hack was discovered at 4:17 PM ET, Twitter almost took an hour to respond and notified users at 5:45 PM ET that it was investigating the attack. That wasn’t the case. Sorry for the inconvenience. This morning my official Instagram account imeshadeol got Hacked , so please don't reply to any msg if you received any from my Instagram account. Spyic is compatible with all the latest Android and iOS devices. Maybe you have 100 followers or maybe 100,000, but that sinking feeling when you realize your account has been hacked is universal. Using a spy app is definitely the easiest and most effective way to hack someone’s Instagram password and account – to see all activity. Seriously, as long as you have an internet connection, a computer and the username of the Instagram account you want to hack, you will be able to do it.