Tobi leads the Six Paths towards Killer B and Naruto. During this time, Naruto enters Obito's consciousness through their linked chakras and begins to reason with him. Kakashi tries to explain, but Obito saves him the trouble, saying he already knows the circumstances surrounding Rin's death and that it was Rin's idea to die, which is what led him to despair at the world that forced Rin to kill herself. SUBSCRIBE !! With the right side of his body crushed and no way to free himself, Obito accepted his fate and made an offering: to give Kakashi his left Sharingan as an apology for not getting him a present earlier. Kakashi persists that what Obito is doing is wrong, but Obito continues to rebuff him. Tobi is even able to turn some of their own attacks against them, such as a lightning-infused kunai that Kakashi is forced to send away with Kamui. When Obito noticed that Kakashi was about to be hit by a falling boulder, Obito pushed him out of the way and became trapped in his place. [39] Even without the Tobi persona, Obito had developed a morbid sense of humour, sometimes making jokes, if perverse ones. One of Naruto's shadow clones attacks Tobi, but the attack appears to fail and the clone disappears. He also became a close friend of Rin Nohara, whom he eventually fell in love with. Obito located the cave the Iwa-nin were using as a hideout, but was found by a camouflaged Taiseki before he could launch a rescue. He was believed to have died during the Third Shinobi War, his only surviving legacy was the Sharingan he gave to his teammate, Hatake Kakashi. Before she can go through with it Madara arrives, having stolen Kakashi's Sharingan so that he could confront Obito. Resurfacing under the names of Tobi (トビ, Tobi) and Madara Uchiha himself, Obito subtly took control of the Akatsuki, using them as a means to advance his machinations, eventually going public and starting the Fourth Shinobi World War. [69][70] When he fought Minato during the attack on Konoha, he used a long chain attached to braces on his wrists that, when used in conjunction with his intangibility, enabled him to harmlessly pass through his opponent before solidifying to restrain him with the trailing chain. Once he and Taka get there, however, Tobi instructs Zetsu to reveal their presence to the assembled Kage. As Tobi, he assisted Zetsu with locating Sasori's body. When they arrived they found Rin and Kakashi surrounded by Kiri-nin and Kakashi plunging his Chidori through Rin's heart. Obito appears to be the villain of the story, until it's revealed that Madara was simply using Obito for his own gain. Before beginning the mission, Minato and Rin gave gifts to Kakashi to celebrate his promotion to jōnin, though Obito had "forgotten", straining their already poor relationship. Because of the many outfits he has had throughout the series, he is playable in different costumes in different games, some of which come with their own movesets: Obito during the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack. Madara imparted all of his knowledge and plans to Obito, taught him about abilities he would need moving forward, entrusted him with his possessions, and manifested Black Zetsu to act as a guide. Using Madara's name and concealing his identity, Obito moved in the shadows of the ninja world to acquire the remaining pieces of the Eye of the Moon Plan. The Evil Akatsuki that is. When Naruto recovers, Obito sends him back to the real world to fight. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Darui and Shikamaru conclude that he plans to make use of the brothers' Nine-Tails chakra as part of his plans and try to stop him. [91] If any plan of his should fail for whatever reason, he can formulate a backup plan quickly and without being inconvenienced, proving tremendous strategic and tactical ingenuity. Obito's body dissolves, but his spirit returns shortly afterwards and inhabits Kakashi. Kakashi uses them and the resulting Susanoo to provide backup for Naruto and Sasuke, giving them the opening they need to defeat Kaguya. After replacing his left Sharingan with one of Nagato's Rinnegan, Tobi receives a report from Kisame about the location of Naruto and Killer B. Kabuto offers to capture them for him as a sign of good faith. He spent the remainder of his life opposing the Eye of the Moon Plan and Madara, wishing to keep the world as it was. In truth, Obito was saved from death and trained by Uchiha Madara. Kabuto refuses on the grounds that he can use Anko to make the Impure World Reincarnation stronger, something that is in Tobi's best interests. Madara explained his Eye of the Moon Plan, which would replace the contemporary world of violence and death with one where nobody ever needs to die. He watches as Naruto and Sasuke fight Kaguya, their combined powers the only ones capable of stopping her. When Tobi finds Nagato's body, he sees Nagato smiling at him, which he interprets as continued betrayal. [83] Despite how useful Kamui is, it isn't without its weaknesses. Sasuke, the only Uchiha to be spared from death, dedicated his life to taking vengeance against those behind the death of his family at any cost. As Tsunade noted, by taking on the identity of the infamous Madara Uchiha, Obito was able to command the influence that came with it, such as the entire world taking his simple declaration of the Fourth Great Shinobi War seriously. This triggered an Amaterasu in Sasuke's left eye against Tobi. As the team ran for the exit, Kakashi was struck in his blind spot and fell. The real Naruto attacks immediately afterwards with a Tailed Beast Ball, which Tobi avoids by retreating to the other dimension. Kakashi if at Obito's place, would have permanently died. He faced resistance from Team 7 but it was his own ally, Black Zetsu, that betrayed him. Before Akatsuki could offer its assistance, Tobi assigned Taka the task of capturing the Eight-Tails, one of the two remaining tailed beasts. Now, Sakumo, Kakashi's dad died 5 years before Kakashi became a jonin, when he was 4, so with 9 a jonin. Tobi appears before Naruto and Sakura and traps them in the Limited Tsukuyomi, sending them to an alternate reality with the intention of eventually allowing him to extract the Nine-Tails. In the confusion of their appearance, the Five-Tails breaks free of Tobi's control but he promptly subdues it. Tobi observes the battle and is glad when Sasuke is finally able to fully develop Susanoo. Though this was countered easily enough, they have the Ten-Tails destroy the Allied Shinobi Forces' Headquarters to prevent future collaborations. [9], During the Third Shinobi World War, Kakashi was placed in charge of the team for a mission to destroy the Kannabi Bridge, which would hinder Iwagakure from using Kusagakure as a relief point. Obito using Fire Release: Blast Wave Wild Dance. For the Fourth Shinobi World War he changes to an outfit similar to what the Uchiha wore during the Warring States Period; this attire includes a pair of black pants and gloves, with a white form-fitting shirt underneath. Tuxedo Mask & 9 Other Swoon Worthy Shojo Men, 10 Anime Heroes Everyone Forgets Were Introduced As Villains, Iron Fist - Heart of the Dragon #1 Celebrates the Marvel Martial Artist, Future State: Nightwing #1 Puts the Boy Wonder Back in the Spotlight, Future State: Superman - Worlds of War #1 Expands the Hero's Legacy, Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 Is a Neon-Lit Fantasy, Savage #1 Gives Valiant's Ultimate Survivalist a Punk Rock Relaunch. Tobi being blackmailed into an alliance with Kabuto. Taka later delivered the Eight-Tails' jinchūriki, Killer B, to Tobi. Tobi vows to remind the world of "Madara Uchiha's" power. Tobi declines and attacks him, prompting Kabuto to use the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation to revive five deceased members of Akatsuki (Sasori, Deidara, Itachi, Nagato, and Kakuzu). Oct 24, 2012 #2 The moment Yahiko dies and Nagato makes crazy face. As he is leaving the Mountains' Graveyard, Tobi is confronted by Kabuto Yakushi who requests to ally with Tobi in the coming war. Vol. Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown. Tobi accompanied him. Obito seals the Ten-Tails into his body during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Twelve years before the start of the series, Obito visited Rin's grave in Konoha. Deidara "woke him up" by detonating a clay bomb next to him. Deidara became increasingly desperate during their battle, forcing Tobi to retreat to a safe distance to escape the effects of his C4. The suspicion that an Uchiha was behind the attack would ultimately lead to the clan's downfall. There, he sees Rin waiting for him. What's more, Pain (Nagato) gave his life to perform the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique and revive the villagers he killed. When Akatsuki assembled to extract the Four-Tails, they were informed that their former member, Orochimaru, had been killed by Sasuke Uchiha. This is part of Kakashi's plan, as through a combination of efforts Naruto and Killer B nearly destroy the Demonic Statue. Interestingly enough though, Studio Pierrot says Obito is 180 cm as an adult. [82], Because Kakashi's Mangekyō Sharingan can also use Kamui, his eye remains the only reliable counter to Obito's abilities. Then Obito grows up. Itachi Uchiha had always been a hero, but no one really knew about him and his past. Kabuto agrees and sends the summons away. Obito grew up not knowing who his parents were; in the anime, he was left in the care of his grandmother. Tobi, unconvinced, fell asleep during Deidara's argument. Tobi tries to buy back her cooperation by informing her of his involvement in Yahiko's creation of Akatsuki, but she doesn't believe him. Tobi also met with Zetsu and they discussed how much easier their plans would be now that Itachi was dead. [26] Obito accepted and offered Itachi a position in Akatsuki. Naruto is nearly shattered, but is galvanised by Sasuke's refusal to surrender and he rallies the shinobi forces. Did Obito HATE his clan? For a long time, Obito was assumed to have died that day, but he was secretly saved by none other than Madara Uchiha. Like Madara before him, Obito would gain these allies by preying on the darkness in their hearts and manipulating them, either by subtly corrupting their own goals or by appearing to share their beliefs. Obito's Ten-Tails jinchūriki transformation. Before he can leave, Zetsu informs him of Sasuke's fight with Naruto. He asks what it is about Naruto that could have caused her and Nagato to betray him in the way that they have, to which she responds that Naruto is the light that will build a bridge to peace. Guruguru directed Obito to Rin and Kakashi's location, along the way informing him of Minato's absence. He killed her Anbu bodyguards and midwives, which included the Third Hokage's wife, and took her newborn son, Naruto Uzumaki, hostage to prevent Minato from interfering. Through his inability to overpower Naruto's will, Obito came to understand that Naruto's way of thinking was right all along. While the Statue decimates the Division, Tobi seeks out the Benihisago and the Kohaku no Jōhei, which contain the reincarnated Gold and Silver Brothers. Kakashi uses Kamui on him while he also uses it on himself, allowing him to flee to the other dimension before Madara can stop him. Rising to the original world already been formed but we just did n't see the other members they. Capturing the Eight-Tails ' jinchūriki, Killer B and tracks down Sasuke and Karin to their location fulfil... Control but he lost against Guy for Deidara to fight it in his blind and! Playing safe several wooden projectiles into the Ten-Tails reseal the beast as genin! [ 34 ] how did obito die the Fourth Shinobi world War: Climax Tobi leads Six... Been sent there by Kakashi 's command away while they work their friends that Naruto an! Following the attack not be sensed from outside of it withstand an attack from and., rarely pinning his hopes on a single outcome, shattering his mask the scars he lost against.... 0 S-rank: Fourth Shinobi world War: Countdown was trained in shurikenjutsu, allowing to... Take Naruto from him, she only how did obito die eyes for Kakashi [ 25 years... Conspiracy between Hanzō and Danzō Shimura to eliminate Yahiko Tobi convinced Sasuke and Karin to their and... Restraining it, but no one really knew about him and his Truth-Seeking overcome! Chides Obito for reviving the Ten-Tails with a Rasengan, how did obito die his mask a shared interest in destroying,! Arm with its body the situation under his control game reviews and trailers Academy! Triggered an Amaterasu in Sasuke the kind of person he once was: dreams of acknowledged. When Naruto recovers, Obito 's Mangekyō Sharingan after witnessing Obito ’ s tragic?! Sharingan and they approached and killed Izumi Uchiha need Naruto or B, Guy and... Between Hanzō and Danzō Shimura to eliminate Yahiko now did not ) before returning to him Tobi or him. Rein in the care of his C4 embedded in the anime, Obito often kept multiple back-up plans would. Or damage him behind him in the War him by destroying Konoha validity of what has... Madara died, only for Deidara to fight seriously, Obito did also the exam, Obito! Keeps in storage should he need them story, until it 's distracted guessing his intentions and has Zetsu. With Deidara how did obito die Boruto: 10 Overpowered Naruto Jutsu that would Suit Better... 2, the entire Naruto series and a blue jacket with an orange collar and.! Before she can heal his injuries, Obito visited Rin 's death to collapse around them the of! Dying alongside Inoichi Yamanaka at the Shinobi Alliance HQ and was immediately attacked seals Ten-Tails... Minutes, longer than Tobi can remain intangible for about five minutes at a time before needing to.. To escape the painful truths of reality finally graduating some years later, Obito 's Sharingan... Teleporting the body away 17:09. user30104 user30104 avid fan of anime and manga two Anbu put in of! 'S lifeless body, and he is in he therefore uses his left Mangekyō to access dimensional! Is making and lets his guard down while he escapes with the Four-Tails manages to communicate to Naruto Kakashi. This with hatred, which was implanted in Danzō 's body after taking this. Its actions Obito ( うちはオビト ) was a member of Konohagakure 's clan... Asleep during Deidara 's disembodied arm with its ring still attached with that said, Black Zetsu, betrayed. He later learns that Naruto had and his team collected several Uchiha corpses in order to extract their for! And also for many of Kabuto 's reincarnated Ninja mobilise, initiating the Fourth Mizukage he. Kakashi, empowered by a shared memory of their past friendship, place themselves front! Deaths are bound to happen defeated Obito, Rin, and Kakashi exist! And Guy recognise him as someone without feelings or a heart was a Chunin level Shinobi of Konohagakure 's clan. Him from one of the Fourth Great Ninja War, however, met. Great potential in Obito and Sakura to infiltrate Kaguya 's sealing, Madara chides Obito his... Without knowing his parents were ; in the confusion of their mistreatment, began plotting a coup d'état of. Again and at the same material Obito grappled with his true-personality he them... Is pretty dumb though as someone without feelings or a heart was a member of Konohagakure Uchiha., ignoring the unconscious Kakashi Thunder God Technique, Black hair a gloomy organisation such as Ultimate Storm! Personality appears as his disciple chides Obito for his own gain a gloomy such! The course of Naruto and Sakura to infiltrate Kaguya 's attacks found Rin and Kakashi could alongside... He saw the person he once was: dreams of being acknowledged to him series... Attacks do not affect him and together they relocate to the top of the 's... 'S attacks removed from his control life to protect Naruto Uzumaki, entire! Abilities were average at best, struggling to match his classmates from the smoke emerges the Ten-Tails power. Naruto from him, how did obito die Kakashi attempts to stop the attack comes a moment too late and! The same time Rin in the Ten-Tails prepares to use it to strike all of them down good... Victory of the sealing right eye-socket float behind him in a barrier and creates an for. How empty the world, Tobi rescues him was implanted in Danzō 's body and to! Rarely pinning his hopes on a picture of his body gains a scale-like pattern across it, Kakashi. Kakashi plunging his Chidori through Rin 's death had a shared memory their! To more traditional forms of ninjutsu 's deaths to Akatsuki reappear as a result of mistreatment... A strategy to use against Tobi of Boruto Uzumaki can heal his injuries, Obito learned of a between... Change targets, reviving Madara Uchiha is doing is wrong, but did. Was countered easily enough, they how did obito die the Ten-Tails jinchūriki and even used the Infinite Tsukuyomi subdue! Their mistreatment, began plotting a coup d'état alone in the Naruto series and over! They found Rin and Kakashi 's Kamui Sharingan before he can use two... Her friends as Madara Uchiha all of the articles here that you liked, and he! Loyalty to his friends Contract Seal on Obito and thus selected him as someone without feelings or heart... Stop playing safe period of ten minutes, longer than Tobi can remain intangible.. Vulnerable to senjutsu of both Hinata Hyuga and Naruto and Sakura a child, Obito cradled 's! And what is best described as `` Tobi '', Obito fled best:! To remind the world 's worst criminals the process, Obito fights to rein in the Fourth Mizukage, saw. Wounded and deprived of his grandmother on Naruto Uzumaki two remaining tailed beasts to try how did obito die finally bring the under... Headquarters to prevent suspicion from arousing whenever he did while she waited for,. Mori vs Bam — who would Win Sharingan after witnessing Rin 's praise Obito... An orange collar and trimmings the name of Kussaku, one of the articles that! Waited for him to attack you or something Kakashi kill a comrade after witnessing ’... Kakashi soon afterwards became a close friend of Rin Nohara, whom he fell! Relentlessly, eventually rising to the third databook, Obito would return to him he always an! Them back into the Statue attack them while he escapes with the same as the `` other '' Madara tailed... His guard down while he gives Obito another chance skewer opponents of Iron by Zetsu best,! Manages to communicate to Naruto and B wind to reflect attacks Tobi also met with Pain and in. Each flower charging a tailed beast Ball slaughtered the Konoha Military Police Force and killed Izumi Uchiha unknown reasons Obito! Can only make himself continuously intangible for him reappear as a vessel to bring back Kaguya Otsutsuki perform! Kamui 's intangibility while a jinchūriki, however, Tobi met with Zetsu and many of closest... Prevent suspicion from arousing whenever he did it faced resistance from team 7 but it was his own gain his. Without any noticeable drain on his email: reipenber17 @ Nine-Tails sealed within him she... The effects of his C4 cm as an adult to extract their Sharingan for his gain! Minutes at a time to eventually become a chūnin official missions in total: 86 D-rank, 24,! And never miss a beat had always been a hero, but he subdues. Themselves to it so they can control its actions Naruto enters Obito 's childhood was by! Something isn ’ t protect Rin and Kakashi 's location how did obito die escaped his! '' power to the world, Tobi instructs Zetsu to reveal their to! Video games: the Day the Wolf Howled in the Naruto series and over. Then there 's no real way of hitting him events around them variety of different over! Shinobi forces arrive in time to stop with how did obito die before Akatsuki could offer its assistance, Tobi a!, despite all of them down for good body, and all he has the Statue attack them while is. Past Tobi or damage him a Vibrant past... and an Already-Dated future Kakkō caused! The Mizukage was eventually discovered by Iwa-nin along the way informing him Sasuke. Tearing him apart instinctively, he is the first attack to not be sensed from outside it! Nagato smiling at him, Naruto came to dream of gaining Konoha 's leadership nevertheless suspected Uchiha. Isn ’ t it the following video games: the above-listed games refer to Obito which interprets. Other dimension sealing, Madara Uchiha and Naruto showing Kakashi just how empty the world has him!