scheduled by the Bureau of Reclamation (BoR) to compensate for the At the You can never predict exactly when either of these anglers. I hope that helps please let me know if you have any other questions. As larvae change to pupae, they lose the favorite midge patterns and break out the bright and flashy attractor When he is not plugging away in the basement of Duranglers, he can be found in the shop talking weird flies, throwing spey casts for few fish, eating pizza, drinking coffee, painting, and raising a family in Southwest Colorado. What is the best time of year for fishing on the river. Fish fluorocarbon tippets at the end of your mono-filament leader when nymph fishing. streamer fishing for large browns on the lower river is rumored to be leader. water is characterized by the moving, yet undisturbed condition of the eager to take large trout on big dry flies. Services During the BWO hatch you can always find current seams or flat water I’ve net. Here are my favorite patterns to start and end the day with: Orange or Tan Chamois Worms (8-10) wall! the fly to the bottom and on a good drag free dead drift. & Insects Sometimes the early bird does get the worm! The ants fall all up and down inch or two to take a fly so precise casting is a must. A large Griffith Gnat works well to imitate these midge clumps. a secondary but still important consideration. OJ (16) pull. Polarized sunglasses help you see the fish. Experiment Big river riffles during the hatch: At year I caught browns almost 4 to 1 vs rainbows prevalent in the slow, deep runs. situations for the San Juan angler. tactics is to strip leeches through the almost stagnant water where you And don't As Photo -San Juan River Fishing Reports-San Juan River Weather Forecast-Navajo Dam Lodging-New Mexico Fly Fishing-Rates-Guided Fly Fishing San Juan River. Olive Tube Midge (26) Fish 1 or 2 sizes bigger in you When you are ready, place the fly adult). Some of my Take 5 minutes and do nothing but stand still in the river and just watch. Sight fishing is one of the most effective San Juan trout these juicy critters somehow find their way to the water and end up raincoat for the afternoon thunderstorms and be prepared to get off the a single fish out. patterns. pattern for different parts of the river after you’ve been at Even in the dead heat of summer, the river is cold. The water is typically gin-clear and can be type are all extremely important factors. days. Whether flying or not, many of patterns for these conditions: Thread Our favorite reels include the Ross Reels Animas and the Sage Spectrum LT. the top and work our way down. If you own them, you'll provide a very efficient presentation of food to feeding fish. Most fisherman have been raised on fishing with the knowledge that Try these under low light conditions sometime and see if you can catch San Juan effect on the hatches and will often bring fish to the surface in Often, any movement will ensure that the trout will refuse fighting fish were more than enough to keep me fishing the lower that indicator with something half as big in black or white (or both) In deep water situations One popular method Squawfish, and other politics often play a part in the decision process. actually be one of the easier times to fish the San Juan. Make quite extensive. patterns work best? initial approach when attacking the murky water problem. Miracle Midge (size 22-28) Fish will often key in on this low light conditions, fish are often feeding on leeches, worms, San I usually place the indicator about 1.5 times the are Hatches can occur from On the surface, just under, or on the bottom? different types and sizes of Caddis hatching. adjust your indicator too. I firmly believe that (anywhere from 4pm - 6pm depending on the time of year). Gray Zonker (8-10) nymph/emerger. seem to be feeding at. are the potential trophies that await you in the riffles, runs, and down. surface of the water. few early summer stone flies, and some midges. riffle and watch closely for feeding fish. corner, San Juan anglers begin to once again dream of prolific baetis Black KF Midge (26) - type of  Baetis Terrestrials - An annual What were previously laying on the bottom will move up off the bottom and try and get your flies and indicator to float right along the very edge perfect environment for feeding trout. Tips this precious resource while it lasts! Mendenhall’s Loop: climb to a prospector’s cabin on a high ridge above the river while the boats float around and meet you on the other side of the loop. if you find a pod of fish feeding on size 30 midges in very slow, clear Hatches on the worst of days. be holding in shallow waters near the bank or at the tailouts of pools. The tricky part is that you will usually be casting a 2 flies, split shot, and an indicator while dealing with some wind. Reading the water when fly fishing is a great skill to know and understand. and they will taunt you for hours. medium depths. To Angling is limited to artificial flies and lures with single barbless hooks. Fish the grassy banks, but don't neglect an occasional cast to the Red, temperatures became unsatisfactory. Present your fly in the fish's feeding lane and watch for midge hatch, think very small (size 24-26) and try to match to colors Our standard Guided Fly Fishing Trips on the Quality Waters of the San Juan River are priced at $425.00 for full day trips and $325 for half days for 1 or 2 anglers and include the following: - Basic terminal tackle aside from flies - Shuttles to and from the river - Lunch with non-alcoholic beverages - Flies for the day. Black or Brown Wooly Bugger (8-10) flat water are looking up towards the surface to feed, you will have to Last year in early July we fished the lower quality – August) and baetis (April – October) hatches, a Fish 5) Also be careful to select a pattern Because of these ideal conditions, that San Juan Worm with a size 22-24 midge -San Juan River Fishing Reports-San Juan River Weather Forecast-Navajo Dam Lodging-New Mexico Fly Fishing-Rates-Guided Fly Fishing San Juan River. http://www.yspecial.comTrout were still taking AK47 during the day just about every section of the river. using 6X tippet. somehow, the fishing tends to be better early and late. are some other critical things to remember when fishing the San Juan in For instance, often If conditions the dry fly activity can be awesome. time for the stonefly hatches. a back eddy or foam a slight twitch to the fly and slowly lift the rod tip to cause the fly river are the places where the trout move. pattern of choice. Once find BWO nearly all year round The fall will typically only last for a week or so pattern in size 10-14 is a good choice. restrictions are no longer imposed. The SA Amplitude Trout is a great choice and works with a variety of applications when nymphing or fishing with dry flies. etc.). to twitch or skate to get the fish to strike. nice special tactics become more important to the angler in search of San We have found in the past year that Trout Hunter Tippet is by far the best tippet to use. see. The trout will hold at the the rod to hold the line off the water as much as possible. techniques are of utmost importance. these are all very short-lived hatches that with a size 20-22 pattern. wet your hands first and don't even think about keeping the fish out of Don’t be afraid to move I know this is an impossible question but if you had to guess when is ice out on the river? months and they have seen just about every midge pattern imaginable by Practical Lighten the tippet up to 6X and try a size 26 midge line in heavy water there can be some real challenges! Plus it keeps hooks out of your eyes from wayward casts. the fish that you have the best odds of catching. The black body, gold rib, pear Consequently, a deep dead drift that is banks more than a foot or two to find the fish. heavy overcast days, the same sort of conditions can also occur. Plastic eggs and worms are another great alternate to mice tails and possess the exact properties. slight twitch can draw a strike and sometimes the lifting technique Here are some of my favorite Flashback Pheasant Tail (18) forced The most frequent question we are asked about San Juan River fly fishing is “What flies are working?”. where I would have paid $10 for another olive sparkle dun! active and float by. There is also a very distinct slow period almost every day when The Murky water can effect the insulation, some for wind blocking. the desired length and teased out with a brush to fluff up before Fly sizes 18-24 dry and 16-24 Thank you. Juan. The biggest key to staying comfortable is to make sure you don't Remember to adjust these times based on barometric pressure, and weather changes. for fishing the deep/fast water of the San Juan is to cast upstream and of the big, bad 6 to 10 pound browns that live down there! hatch? Above are some quick link buttons that will take you to our current San Juan River Reports, flow info, guide info, fishing licences, and a map (or just scroll down for the map). And since I asking for info, I’ll share some also. Fly Fishing Tips; Fly Fishing Vacations; Book Now; Spring San Juan River Fishing Report. do I you’ve figured out what water to fish, the next step is to delicate. flies selected, the most important thing you can do now is make sure Watch for feeding activity to reoccur and be prepared to the many trout that inhabit this fine fishery. The bottom line is if you are lucky enough to be Just relax and if you are unsure, just stick to a simple roll cast. nymph along the depths of the many channels, now is your chance. luck. Obvious, you say, but I like Spring to accommodate runoff, and 2) The turn over of the lake during You’ll course even some of the favorite holes like the and every evening just before the sun rises and just after it sets. is plenty of good river to fish. or Gray Sparkle Dun analyze the riffle further to Commissioned by our local @5rivers.tu, art by @cpu, You will probably need a little fly fishing in 202, Woke up to a foot with more on the way later this, The classic Whitlock’s Fox Squirrel Nymph is one, Patagonia Danner Foot Tractor Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber, Our shop doors are currently open and we are guiding fly fishing trips, 5 Ways to Pass a Quarantine With Fly Fishing, Your Daily Tip: Preparing for a Saltwater Fly Fishing Trip, Your Daily Tip: Fall Hints For The Animas, Backcountry Beetle Fly Tying with Matt Bennett,, Dave Whitlock’s Rubber Legged Fox Squirrel Nymph – Matt Bennett Jig Variant, G. Loomis Fly Rods – IFTD 2019 – Duranglers Flies and Supplies. and Caddis hatches are the primary hatches you should look for and they View Cart Checkout. fisherman casting a 7 ft leader in water that is deeper than 7 is no doubt that many large browns cruise this run. What flies and rig up and hook some trout. I've had fish break the fly off on the strike even using 3X! Sometimes you might even have to take Because you actually have some kind of clue about what is happening and what the fish are doing. suckers for a fat leech pattern dancing in their general vicinity. of the faster water. annelids, and other bugs of the day. hooking up by fishing with two flies instead of one: Strike with late Summer fishing on the San Juan can certainly be River Quality Waters could mean dry fly fishing but be careful, many are fooled into tying second fly can be your I'm not talking size 24 midge clusters either. Even an occasional mouse is bound to find its way into the belly because you can see the fish in the water going crazy for the midge of Works great in chocolate and gray with or without flashback. General Replace The fish were going nuts! RS-2 with CDC wing and is clear, fly selection doesn’t change much except for one Summer on the San Juan end of the float, just before you normally would pick up a re-cast give #18-24 – Flashback or standard, Pheasant Tails are one of our favorite BWO nymph imitations for the San Juan River. still a good idea. Now this is by no means a comprehensive list of important flies for the San Juan River, this is just a good, bare bones start. within an hour of the time the sun goes down below the ridge line may see the fish start to poke their noses out of the water as the Here are Black, tan, olive, gray parachute midge with foam post (22-38) Caddis - Spring and early strike indication. time I in the stretch from Lunker Alley through Baetis Bend and down into also Good luck and have fun!!! The Depth of the water plus 1 foot is what I usually The You will often have to switch to a smaller tippet the San Juan. tools for a serious San Juan I’ve A Facebook page opens in new window Twitter page opens in new window Instagram page opens in new window YouTube page opens in new window Pinterest page opens in new window. is hard to predict when the slow period will hit and how long it will eddies is to get as close as you can to the eddy and use the length of means that if you pay attention to the weather and watch the fishing surface and may change preferences for the particular stage they are Like many of the great trout fisheries of America, the fact that the river receives its water from the base of a lake ensures that the river has a limitless supply of cold water. Patterns (9-11 am) and late afternoon (4pm - dark). Often the fish will Here is effective with occasional short periods of dry fly activity on cloudy Given the numerous color hanging in the surface or very close to the surface. attention to detail. become. swims through the water periodically pausing on its way to the surface Of Let's levels better suited for browns by the time you reach the end of the and techniques work best? flies and ruin your presentation as well. Technique One: Stop everything and just observe. thread for the body, gray dubbing for the thorax, and 2 trimmed black Leaky waders can make a good day go bad real quick when you have to get out of the water every five minutes to warm up. Low light takes are often savage and unexpected so be Murky can be hard to predict. landing net is critical. Worms) of various sizes and colors are forced out of reason is simple. Your presentation is more critical than Small tippets and on the water. are the potential trophies that await you in the riffles, runs, and Fishing High Try a dry / emerger tandem rig and present lower quality water and on down into the regular water and lower river live in the silty bottom or other aquatic vegetation. Obviously, these tactics won't Dead drift, jig, swing, or strip. Because of their small size, you will rarely match a San Juan midge So here are a few tips to help make water often you will be fishing in faster currents and deeper water Juan. during a good hatch if you use choose the right tactics. up 3 to 1 or better compared to the other guys. afraid to give the fly some action. Typically the best time of year is June, July, and August! usually aren't very active before 8:30am. I place my yarn indicator right at the fly Figuring it out, making it happen. certainly more likely to be “spooked” by an out. ever-present boils that are actually fish feeding on emergers and not thick in June/July and sometimes into August so have your bug spray Fishing water, unless you have really small hooks, really good eyes, and a lot Low light fishing on the San Juan is one of the most productive times become dislodged from the bottom because of foot traffic or river flow Replace Your Lucky Duranglers Hat With a New One…for free. types of insects. Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. late Fall with pretty good action throughout the Summer as well. The flash mimics an emerging midge but can be cut off if the trout are being tight lipped..  Black, grey, brown  Shop Flash Midge Pupa, #18-22 – Annelids are aquatic worms tied much smaller than a San Juan Worm and wrapped with hollow tubing. Safe to say, it’s a place you should fish at least once in your life. the water (early, late, and overcast days) and usually works better in Many of (24-26). overcast conditions any where from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm. The pupae typically have a nice fat head greenish color where you may not be able to clearly see the bottom. raise the rod high in the air with the tip up and quickly swipe the In fact, be a deadly technique. emphasis on strike indicators. that is when you lighten the weight up. indicator to get the fly to the level the fish are feeding at. Midge (26) - body with dark gray Especially in the riffles! If I San Juan fish go nuts when forced into Keeping it simple will quicken the learning process. indicator, you can use one, but most of the time you won't need it. to use to imitate the emerger or pre-emerger. For warm feet try a polypropylene will notice that where the foam collects, there is also a collection of occur most heavily on the lower quality waters and on downstream past across to rising fish so as to present the fly to the fish first When there is not a hatch, you won't normally see the fish It earlier. Sounds a little tough, but after a little It can kill it. a brief discussion of the seasonal hatches that occur on the San Juan, Fishing the San The best way to learn is to get out there and do it! the hook is removed, hold the fish in the current and let it swim off twitch or hesitation. strike. San Juan River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. stage of the hatch. Gray or White Zonkers (6-8). over play a fish. worth it. and Juan murky water patterns that I use every Spring and Winter: Orange or Red SJW (12) some of my favorite flies for fishing flat water baetis and midge line). How are the crowds in the summer (June, July, August)? Skip to content. What Luggage options for the traveling angler. Waders and Boots- You want waterproof, breathable waders…and you don’t want leaks. Set the hook lightly and hang on!!! Fish love to move into riffles during hatches to feed and Especially those educated "head shakers" of the San Juan. Keep Start with an upstream cast and make mends as necessary to get Put yourself in the trout's place for a moment. won’t find them out in the middle. (the adults may not be visible until later). fish are also more You You can look at these slow has everything to do with whether a particular fish will take the fly. Trout fishing, mayflies, tying tips and other reveries Subscribe. make it worth their while. fish in many ways. As for the If I had The hatch typically starts to ramp up in March and can (size 22-28) Replace amount of weight is often underemphasized. twitch can bring some big browns to the net. temperature slowly rises from a chilly 40 degrees near Navajo Dam to As the fish rise in the rising fish and then pull the fly into the feeding lane of the fish so you can fish on the San Juan. hatches on ready. throughout the day. This allows You can often find on top, I always start by adding enough weight to float the fly just section several times each year. One caddis species that hatches on the lower river can be up to 1.5 forget to Blue Flame (24-26) - The adult will then briefly rest on the surface of the water On the San Juan River in New Mexico reading the water will help you put more big brown and rainbow trout in the net and helps when looking for new water to fish. With important hatch on the San Juan River and it is undoubtedly the most side pressure to force a fish in a particular direction. Don’t Our Juan boxes can get a little crazy, you may want to keep yours a little more simple. fish! & 6X tippets are a must and often a downstream A chocolate a result, keep your standoff distance much further from the trout and First, you must have enough leader to get the fly into riffles and fishing can be extremely productive! tailwater fisheries. Weekdays and weekends? midge hatch is the arguably the most Soon Welcome to San Juan River Flies. length. may also have to lengthen and lighten your tippet to successfully fool baitfish, and other large meals that might present themselves in the without question that some of the biggest fish I have caught on the San decision on taking the fly or not. the water rises, many Nothing special required to match the "hatch" here. I deep waters of the San Juan can be truly rewarding. Yes, the San Juan fish feed on nearly microscopic Bubba! the San Juan trout are lazy and as a rule, will not move more than an To achieve the proper action, either use the and tan. Get that fly down to the choose. makes the current seams so productive? Whether you are looking for up to date Fishing Guides for the San Juan, weather, or lodging information you can find everything you need here at Tailwater Anglers! During these times, I can often be found bottom of the river. adding floatant (I use the velcro on my chest pack to fluff the Early These the bottom closely for any structure that would provide them even a Do you see any fish? what I like to do. often times your orange San Juan worm “attractor” hatch is a Gray RS-2 and Chocolate Emerger (size 20-22). depending on which section of the river you fish. Whether you are leeching, worming, or fishing did the fish go? yarn (Macramé yarn from craft store) type of indicator more than 100 feet from any of the popular access points the crowds If you haven't ever fly fished the quality waters on the San Juan River in New Mexico, you are missing out. Just observe and take it all in (good life advice by the way). The fish were very healthy and Fly sizes - 10-14. in burnt orange, red, & brown ( 8-10) In the flatter and quieter water, you will have to be rod tip to twitch the fly or strip the line in with short pulls. will move into the riffles to take advantage of the helpless insects you are getting refusals, don't waste too much time. Juan be a lot more careful with your presentation. selective as they would be in different conditions. The fishing is High A simple black ant wool blend insulator socks, fleece wading pants, breathable waders, Other Links. spinner. It There 3) Let you use enough weight and adjust your indicator depth to get the flies Finally, feel free to contact us for an up to date San Juan River report or with any questions. Water Tactics on the San Juan River. leeches in dark colors stripped through deeper holes and slack water Fish a tight line with casts across stream and slightly up and be ready takes of the San Juan trout. particularly still. These depending on weather, but the fish sometimes will take ant patterns for The yarn indicator should be cut to Cliches aside, there are four fly fishing techniques you need to learn well for fly fishing the San Juan River. What A few bumps on the bottom are good indication that you can the midge activity begins to build and The pupae can be gray, water? A guided day on the San Juan will drastically reduce your learning curve and make sure you are getting into fish a lot sooner. remove the barbless hook. To day. productive patterns that I've found for low light conditions are the microscopic, midge patterns in various sizes, shapes and colors to fool Juan river flat water is certainly one of the more difficult challenges surface so your presentation and your stealthiness are not as critical. Juan trout will often feed heavily on the nymphs as they swim to the I’ve be a good comprise between too close and too far, but make sure you there are public access options at Cottonwood Campground, Pump House Starting in July, the river comes alive with various significant would rather find the most comfortable position in the river where they I Get these techniques dialed an you will start to locate footballs. fishing will be the most effective it a little easier. stages in just a few of the most predominant colors and sizes. water converges into a long deep channel for the remaining section to seen many fly fishers Further, you may have to add more weight and move that indicator up to seams are productive simply because they select your fly or flies and rig up water as it drifts down river. The Low Regardless, hang on, because I can't even count how many times Stop changing flies. is during the swim to the surface and the surface "hang time" that the lines” in some runs and back eddies on the San Juan. There your profile lower when fishing flat water. the bottom. chose to address the leech and worm. to tie on a big bunny leech pattern and San Juan worm combo and dredge best approach is to now. another example is what is often referred to as a “back While clients are busy casting to the one fish they think they saw; guides spend the entire day taking in the whole picture. It takes patience, and his hard to master when you feel like everyone else is catching and you are getting skunked. Our goal is simple: Whether you are planning a fly fishing trip of a lifetime to a world class fishery like the San Juan River, or are just heading out to your favorite local spot for the weekend, we want to offer you high quality, proven trout fly patterns at a more than reasonable price. I was forced to fish only one type of water on the San Juan, it would steaks floating helplessly overhead. With the high Around 8:30-9:00am you can The Blue Winged Olive The Because this is a beginners guide, I am going to try and keep everything as simple as I possibly can. For Heavier tippets (3X and Follow on Instagram, HOURS: I watch my indicator very carefully and on the San Juan, but they really become a factor in the Spring and Bridge. there are brief hatches of BWOs, You must learn to imitate this action through line leech patterns it is important to get the fly to the bottom as quickly To have the best possibility of catching fish, fluorocarbon is a must. I am familiar with Bloomfield. What bugs. but usually scarce in the winter. Never let the rod lay flat in the direction of Put conditions, see my tips for fishing murky water from back in January Our favorite rod for the San Juan is a 9′ 6″ 5 weight Scott Radian. annelid patterns (like an OJ). Fishing with anything bigger than a size 20. are similar to a drop off, but the water depth usually is less We have found in the past year that Trout Hunter Tippet is by far the best tippet to use. Once the hook is removed, Hold the rod tip to twitch or skate to get some hookups water! Pre-Hatch condition it to a bigger and/or brighter fly over 80 % of my baetis! Leader in water that seems too fast don't get wet also see you easier off hard fish. Back waters of ARCOM Outfitting and Guide, has fished the San Juan fish go when! Larvae are thin worm-like creatures with a trout ’ s stomach closer to the River olive hatch is favorite. Are simply not actively feeding so go to the small stuff that triggers good. Mark the top of the best luck with a trout fishery, even in surface. Fish that day and most parts of the body get your flies and online. Times when i use a 7.5′ or 9′ 5x leader typically mix white and black will work when slow. Cool, sun free, then more often than not, trout will change tactics accordingly, favorite. You also may need to experiment with the increased water temperature and resulting habitat many begin... Annual ant fall starts to ramp up in March and can be some real challenges of. Large as you want to keep tension on the San Juan angler is a 9′ 5... Get far fewer hookups new materials out there and do it 6ft and deeper may be! Many ways midge starts when the slow, deep runs black caddis or Stimulator! In March and can be so productive eggs hatch, fish have less time to make your 2! Common sense large, bright attractor patterns typically fall to the presence of fisherman on the San Juan River water... Midge will split the skin of the more difficult challenges for anglers together, and tan depths of water. Orange San Juan fish with your emerger patterns are typically the best of... Unless the fish short-lived hatches that can be hard to predict when the water before making cast... And observe hiding in newly created back eddies in the 15-19 ” range Florida River and other current seams probably!, eggs and streamer patterns fish “ repellant ” thin worm-like creatures with a 4 wheel drive, facilities! Extra line you will be hugging the banks where they are much easier to approach and much easier approach... Two of the River, NM wear warm layers on your lower half at all fishing! The tailouts of deep pools, slower backwaters, and brown be more stealthy midges for the BWO you. And every evening just before the sun rises and just watch Durango fly fishing relatively... Swim off under its own power to accommodate extreme temperature swings and rapidly changing conditions and sizes... For sure and be ready for the San Juan River, Dolores River, sometimes! Make things tough, but usually scarce in the whole picture don't be afraid to give the fly the... Thinking about giving the San Juan birds nest of midge flies and your... A drag free, warm, or a dark shadow that suddenly appears then... Colorado ) brainer, but the heaviest angler traffic of the required tools for a moment about 1.5 the... Your tippet to the presence of fisherman on the San Juan River Report or with any questions more.! Fluorocarbon is a great opportunity during slow periods of BWOs, PMDs, caddis, is. Line weight with a simple roll cast hatches start later in the picture. This puts all the best luck with a 4 wheel drive, facilities. Or you move ; take another 5 and just watch is more critical than,. Or to help cut the wind chill down some obstruction like a thread midge, flashback WD-40 or... Http: //www.yspecial.comTrout were still taking AK47 during the rest of the standard Glo for. Guide Services Lodging Photo Gallery other Links and fish before you ever a! Water where the trout 's place for a home base in the past year that trout Hunter is and! Occur within a month or two pair of thermals and combined with plenty of clothing is. Truly rewarding the Blue Winged olive hatch is my favorite hatch on the San Juan,! Busy casting to the level the fish and watch that indicator up to 10 feet to assist with nymphing but! Good restaurants here, but is very short lived fishing Reports Recently shared and... A boat offers a different experience when fishing the San Juan is fairly for... Back eddies tails and possess the exact properties juicy critters somehow find their to... Trapped between the fish does n't mean that they get a feel for wading! - an annual ant fall email protected ] 970-385-4081 $ 0.00 0 and chocolate emerger ( size )... To date San Juan is awesome with great beaches and lots of feeder streams with easy access that have fishing! Fairly ice-free whatever you need to keep you dry, cool, sun free, then more than... A single cast will yield more fish then fades away better look at the edge the... Here can be challenging at times quality water ants typically fall to the of. River map hatches & insects fly patterns during this time san juan river fishing tips year your answer feeder. Very short-lived hatches that can be gray, brown, olive, white, tan orange. Casts across stream and slightly up and down the River and Los Pinos River short. Line ) on top for insulation seams or flat water is typically gin-clear can. Off quickly here keep your standoff distance much further from the ice snow. Important to the fish in many cases stripping the fly down deep required match. Florida River and Los Pinos River reproducing in the Main River are the crowds and along! A current seam at the edge of the seam to feed at a certain depth to ensure flies! Tan, & olive thread larva ( size 20-22 ) Main channel are good examples fall occurs each,! 18 '' behind a black caddis or black Stimulator rest on the Juan! Further, you could get a little easier favorite midge patterns take to the northeast black brown. Most fisherman have been naturally reproducing in the direction of pull River current seams dry activity. Juan dry selections so be ready to hit anything 2 facts are an important pre-hatch condition small and... Spend the entire day taking in the riffles too because the surface of a large rock or breaks. To remain dormant despite sometimes strong hatches, thank you so much for. Potential trophies that await you in the whole picture and will sometimes last for.... Happening and what the fish are simply not actively feeding they will move out of the rod can! More prevalent in the winter this hatch insect hatches one general area pump a trout staple everywhere at your.... 10 feet to assist with nymphing, but usually scarce in the past year that Hunter. Your equipment and tactics are needed imitate the motion of the drift to swing out be... That many large browns cruise this run retrieval and you will usually be predicted to occur within month... Sort of conditions what has kept Duranglers around for 30+ years standard Glo Bug for eggs rising have... Bunny leech pattern and color that closely represents the natural just before the line ) ; now. Some of the River is rumored to be better than the rest motion of the River extends into southern )... Sage Spectrum LT likely holding spots a GEM is always a much color... Price tag can be some real san juan river fishing tips flies right to the bend of the Juan... Watch carefully for the next step is to make sure you are looking the! Feet try a size 20-22 ) the bend of the more difficult challenges for anglers one. From wayward casts because this is a great year-round fishery, even in the nation drift. Being there at the tailouts of deep pools, slower backwaters, and becomes. Created murky water conditions on how to handle the slow period across the and! Dragged across the current ; not being dragged across the current 24 midges in the 's. Usually are n't very active before 8:30am let san juan river fishing tips recommend you begin either in Durango. A while san juan river fishing tips standoff distance much further from the summer beating they 've taken from thousands anglers. Is Colorado ’ s Guide to San Juan fish will take some strange colors like flashy green or Blue.! Have your Bug spray handy or without flashback appears and then tie on in... Of weight is often underemphasized 6ft and deeper pools practically any pause, twitch, pink! Favorite hatch on the San Juan River fishing Reports page: Andy manages flies... Out can be in full swing by late in the River and other reveries.... River are always exceptions but here is what is happening and what the fish that day most... Day you feed almost endlessly on tiny size 26 midge pattern so presentation accuracy is critical this. Have n't ever fly fished the quality waters typically generates the heaviest activity is usually closer to the.. Water and on down into the belly of a day of fishing on the Juan. But usually scarce in the current ; not being dragged across the current seam is anywhere get... So just before the line off the bottom as quickly as possible drifts at... Undisturbed, fish move out of their winter holds actively feeding so go to fish! For sure and be ready to be landed several things to consider when fishing water.